Myrtle Beach Pride

Myrtle Beach Pride on hiatus

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Gay Pride was a group trying to form a community, and create a community center. We lost the Center Project last year, now we are losing our current fiscal sponsor, the Horry County Arts and Cultural Center, they are closing due to lack of funding and participation.

Well we also face financial and participation problems, at this time this site is closed. The Myrtle Beach Pride group is no more. We wish our community the best, and leave with a sad farewell.
All 2011 contributions, and vendor fees are being returned, goods reimbursed, and any left over "cash on hand" will be given to SC Pride, Red Ribbon friends, & Project Light House.



There is a future for Pride in Myrtle Beach, but regretably this is not the year for Myrtle Beach Pride. To have a Pride Celebration it takes more than a few people. It takes a community, a community interested in creating a positive group with volunteers and a common goal in mind. Let's give it a few years and maybe the idea of being an organization and community spirit will be revitalized with positive energy from a new generation.


Thank-You for all that we had together,

A bright future for all.





Myrtle Beach Pride 2010

What a Success it was!

As a new group emerging from the ashes of defeat, we came together and put on a new, fresh, exciting Pride Festival. We stood strong through every problem, we overcame so many obstacles, including ourselves and continued a tradition started by The Center Project 2 years ago.

To start with the day could not have been more perfect. For a Saturday in August the temperature was in the 80's, sunshine, cool breeze and everyone was having fun. The entertainers were top knotch, how to thank so many people, everyone smiling, working together, enjoying the variety, seeing friends, making friends, showing the Pride we stand for.

Something new we added this year was an indoor stage. Many talented and interesting local bands showed their support and performed for us. The music was delightful, interesting and more than we could ever have expected.

DJ Adam, we thank you for bringing together the most awesome entertainment.

The turnout was fantastic, thank-you everyone who came and shared the sunshine with us.


Myrtle Beach Parking garage sign

Pride flags by Terry

pride day collage



Jessica Raye - Miss Myrtle Beach Pride 2010

Sam Hucks - Mr Myrtle Beach Pride 2010

Justin Hurbeever - Mr. Myrtle Beach Pride F.M.I. 2010

Myrtle Beach Pride Pageantwinners

Justin, Jessica & Sam


We Would lIke To Thank Our Sponsors:

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